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IF provides consulting services for companies that are trying to UNDERSTAND the demands of society to develop solutions that will become business opportunity.

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  • Market Research
  • Mapping demands
  • Market Trends

Market research aligns the objectives of our customers to the needs of the targeted market, influencing positively the strategy to offer innovative solutions to the market.

The constant mapping of societal needs in the most diverse sectors is fuel for IF to assist technology provider companies to develop effective solutions for people's daily lives.

Understanding the needs of society enables IF to stay ahead and predict market trends and share this information with technology companies that allow the solution to emerge simultaneously to the demand.


To provide solutions for the market developed according to the society’s demands.

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The constant launch of innovative solutions to the market makes the business longstanding and sustainable.

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Focus on people: Understand people's needs.
Correct and honest processes: Act fairly, efficiently and effectively.
Entrepreneurial spirit: Creativity, persistence and courage.

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